February Update

I had the best time at Williams Sonoma last Saturday. Teaching a quick little demo in how to use Collard Greens as wraps and then turn them into little Sushi-like rolls. So easy, and so many uses. We did a cashew cream and butternut squash filled roll with grated beets. But frankly, it got me thinking, we could have put just about anything in the pantry in there!

I asked some people what they would have put in there… my favorite answer was greens. yes. A greens filled wrap made of greens. She might be on to something!

In other news, one of my private clients that I cook for came back with wonderful news. It seems that her recent blood work showed a remarkable improvement in her albumin levels. Which means her nutrition is getting back on track and that her liver function is improving. Well if that isn’t music to a healthy chef’s ears, I don’t know what is.

Wishing you lots of love and warmth this season,