The Philosophy

For food to honor the person who eats it, the meal should be made with

At The Regal Vegan, food is a sensory gift to the individual who appreciates it. Care and attention to detail makes even the healthiest food come alive with flavor. Here, all the food is made with love, so that it can love you back. It’s made with respect not only for the enlightened eater or the picky gourmand, but for the animals, and our one wild, precious planet. We take every effort to buy local, organic, and sustainable.

But the soul of this company is to provide something even more tangible to the people: tons and tons of other nutrients. Each morsel is a delicious delivery vehicle of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, proteins, and the whole grains that we just can’t seem to get enough of. These fantastic, naturally occurring nutrients are just what the body ordered, and they’ve been pulled together for you to make getting healthy a pleasure. We invite you to honor this beautiful body you’re in.

With much love,

Ella Nemcova
Founder, The Regal Vegan

The Latest:


Bring it 

Every party is made better when you bring the vegan love to the table. Be the one to bring the Faux Gras, Basilicotta and Superfood Pesto. You’re a hero.


What People Say:

“There is a particular, somewhat unusual food product I adore. It's not foie gras but 'Faux Gras,' because it's made with lentils and walnuts and generally healthier, less guilt-inducing stuff than what actual foie gras actually consists of. I buy it and I eat it within days, with crackers, for dinner.” - Jen Doll, The Atlantic

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