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In 2005, Regal Vegan’s founder, Ella Nemcova left a career in copywriting to pursue the dream of travel. She journeyed from Milan to Shanghai, with a grateful enthusiasm and hungry belly. A year later she came back well fed and happier than she’d ever been. She also came back with a new found mission: to share the experience of traveling to far-flung locales through food. The only twist, she decided, was that they would have to be ridiculously good for you. Two years later, Ella was making decadent 3-course, internationally-themed dinners for patrons all over NYC.

It was through experimenting with meat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free diets that Ella discovered the incredible secrets many vegans had known all along: the fountainhead and majesty of good health lay in the nutrients provided by the plant kingdom. She parlayed her world trip into recipes that met the parameters of a vegan, gluten-free diet. And they tasted like guilty pleasures.

Demand for repeats of some of Regal Vegan’s creative recipes led to the 2009 launch of the infamous Faux Gras™ (Pronounced, Foh-Grah.) Inspired by the meals of the Russian aristocracy, Faux Gras™ was designed to satisfy the same craving some have for patés. Of course, this paté was more nutritious and a far cry from the cruelty of its namesake, Foie Gras. The success of Faux Gras led Ella to discontinue meal delivery to focus on expanding the product’s reach. In 2012 the company launched Basilicotta™, a creamy basil cashew spread evocative of a pesto-infused Ricotta inspired by extended stays in Tuscany. Both Faux Gras™ and Basilicotta™ can be found in specialty and health food stores throughout the NY area and in select stores around the country.

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Every party is made better when you bring the vegan love to the table. Be the one to bring the Faux Gras, Basilicotta and Superfood Pesto. You’re a hero.


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“Had your fantastic bahn mi earlier today, and took a few faux gras home.. yumm.. thanks!” - Shannon Marie Brown

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