Our heroes! Vegetarian Food ONLY at this school.

May 24th, 2013

The Regal Vegan is delighted and honored to welcome The Active Learning School (P.S. 244) to our royal court. This public elementary school in Flushing, Queens has become the first in NYC – in fact, the first in the whole country to establish an all-vegetarian school lunch menu.

Principal and co-founder Robert Groff explained, “The founding of our school was based on health and nutrition and teaching kids how to make healthy choices in the belief that they would be more successful academically and in their life.” Bravo, Principal Groff and a huge high five to the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food which has been a gale force in encouraging such change in our schools.

Vegan Recipes

Vegetarian Food Products

We are so happy to hear that the students at this school have been inspired and excited by all of the healthy lunch ideas. We hope it’s the first of many schools to adopt such a progressive school food program. So if you’re looking for good vegetarian food, get yourself back to the third grade.

At the Regal Vegan, we’ve known for a long time how powerful simple, fresh ingredients are for energizing and nourishing our bodies. That’s why we create gourmet spreads that are loaded with nutrients. They obviously make great snacks for adults, but they also work as nutritious and delicious vegan snacks for kids. So if your kid’s school doesn’t have this remarkable school lunch program, pack up some Faux Gras and Apple sandwiches in their lunch box and be the change you wish to see.  Kids also love Basilicotta on bread with tomato sauce – it’s instant pizza!

We look forward to seeing how this inspires schools across the city. Here’s wishing you a happy memorial day, remember your heroes, honor our vets and hey – have some fun!


With love, respect and other nutrients,


Love, Mofo and Kale Chips

February 15th, 2013

Dear Friends,

Happy day after Valentine’s day – (AKA – as good a day to show your love as any other). My gift to you is a very easy vegan recipe for delicious Cheesy Pesto Kale Chips. You’ll find it at the bottom of this newsletter. <3 To shake things up, I’m teaching a new class tomorrow that combines movement and healthy eating called One Healthy Mofo. Check that out here.

Love has been on my mind a lot lately, especially after a very uh, interesting article about Faux Gras™ in The Atlantic called “You can’t eat love.” In this article the author loses her mind when she reads our package closely and discovers that Faux Gras™ is made with “Love, respect and other nutrients.” “Really, Faux Gras?” she writes, “You were made with love, and respect?”

And I say, YES.

I know that when I taste a homemade meal, made by someone who wants cares about me, it tastes very different than does a meal thrown together by a rushed worker at a deli. Don’t you?

When I started Regal Vegan in 2007, I began with a mission: to make food that honored the eater. By that I mean, to be concerned for their well-being. As a certified holistic health coach, I knew the importance of getting your fiber, that walnuts provide loads of omega3s, and that soy was dangerous territory (over 90% of the soy in this country is genetically modified). So I used only organic, traditionally-made miso and organic, gluten-free tamari to flavor my lentil walnut pate. I made sure the product was all natural, contained no genetically modified ingredients, remained gluten-free and had a healthy dose of beneficial nutrients. And no artificial ingredients. I wanted it to be so delicious that you would want to eat it regularly, and that after you finished, the positive effects of its ingredients could continue to give you energy, protein and nourishment. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


Basilicotta is also made with love, respect and other nutrients, of course. What many enjoy as a cashew cheese dip, a sandwich spread, a sauce, and a creamy herbed-cheese substitute – is made entirely without the dairy. That’s where the respect comes in – for the animals and for our one, precious planet. And nutrients, of course: we know that cashews are rich in iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium and zinc not to mention phytochemicals, antioxidants and protein. They have the same monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. Basil has some pretty incredible properties as well: it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, is loaded with beta-carotene, magnesium and anti-oxidants. You’re welcome. I love you.

I’m developing new products with the same tenets in mind. Please stay tuned – we’ll have some at the Vegetarian Food Festival this March 2nd and 3rd. I’ve also got a gourmet vegan recipe in Linda Long’s new book Virgin Vegan for which we’ll be doing an event at the James Beard Foundation on March 6th. You’re invited!

Want to share the love with some friends in other places? WE SHIP.

I hope to see you all soon at one or all of our upcoming classes, events and tastings. Please fan Regal Vegan on facebook and follow us on twitter and tumblr. We appreciate your support and wish you a joyful, love-filled month.

With love, respect, and other nutrients,


Peace. Love. And one big tip.

January 1st, 2013

Dear Friends,

It is with wholehearted love that I wish you a New Year full of joy, abundance and good food. May this be your best year yet!

As you begin your year, I’d like to share with you my number one tip for New Year’s resolution making and keeping. It’s simple. Try. Try again. Then try again, again. 
It doesn’t matter how many times you “failed” at your resolutions. Just resolve to try again. I can tell you I have been trying to meditate for a decade. It’s not quite a daily practice yet, but I am trying. And it’s working. One way I did better at this resolution is I got help. From Deepak Chopra. I needed a guide! If you are struggling with something, anything – stop struggling. Get support.

I remember the first cleanse I did. I remember when I could NEVER give up cheese. I remember when I stopped at 6 days. I I tried again. And now I have a series of nutrition workshops I’m teaching to help friends like you kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Basilicotta – Regal Vegan’s newest product is on the market to satisfy the cheese craving so many of us have and I’m working on a book! Trying…

FauxBasClose_PhotoIf you’ve never been to one of my classes you can take a sneak peak via my Badass Bodega Cooking class for L Magazine.

Stay tuned for more of my sell-out classes in “How to Make a Week of Meals in a Day” with Urban Girl Squad and details of my new project with expert movement teacher Kristin DeGroat in conscious food and concsious movement.

And lest we forget our loved ones near and far, we recommend sending Faux Gras (our humane Foie Gras) and Basilicotta (our vegan cashew cheese) as gifts. Naturally. WE SHIP.

I hope to see you all soon at one or all of our upcoming classes and tastings. Please fan Regal Vegan on facebook and follow us on twitter. Sending you the warmest wishes for a delicious new year.

With love, respect, and other nutrients,



My gift for you this year is everything you ever wanted. Abundance. Please enjoy this pratice from Dr. David Simon on abundance consciousness. “On a daily basis, before going to sleep, take an inventory of your life and allow your heart to fill with gratitude for the things, experiences, and people in your life. Even during those times when your life is not unfolding the way you would like it to, bring abundance into your awareness and you will notice a shift in your perspective. With this inner shift, you will observe a spontaneous clearing and abundance will flow.”

August 1st, 2012

Dear Friends,

iacp 2

I would like to extend a warm (but not sweaty) welcome to all our new fans, friends and followers that we’ve met at the IACP show (International Association of Culinary Professionals), the Seed Vegan Experience, Vegetarian Food Festival and Vegan Shop Ups, the Flea and cooking classes throughout the year. Come by and say hi again every Saturday @ the Brooklyn Flea on Lafayette. We’ve got fresh tubs of our Faux Gras, and brand new cashew cheese spread Basilicotta – but also delicious new easy vegan recipes like this week’s Raw Zucchini Noodles with Basilicotta Cream Sauce & Cherry Tomatoes.

We’ve got class. Summer is in full swing and the markets are absolutely brimming with gorgeous produce. I find myself reaching into my kitchen skill set to cook less and enjoy food more. Want to know how? Join me in my don’t miss nutrition workshop this Tuesday at Skillshare’s headquarters in SoHo. I’ll be teaching a fun & incredibly useful class called “How to make a week of meals in a day”.  A day? Actually 3 hours. You’ll walk out with 9 recipes, a full belly and the skills to make the meals – without a ton of work. And that includes a fantabulous dessert.Register here. Need one more reason? The first 3 people to use the code WERK814 will get 15% off the class! Yes, you can share the code.


You’ll want to keep your sights on the next vegan cooking class too – A No-cook Indian Meal for a HAWT supper. I mean, it’s August right? So it’s hot but still – tis the season for local, fresh organic veggies. Join me for another fun class @Skillshare HQ for a spicy, delicious class where we won’t even turn on a single flame – but the food will be divine and Indian. Learn authentic Indian recipes I picked up while traveling in India and delight your palate. Register here.


What else? Well, if you haven’t tried our new product, Basilicotta™, I suggest you get thyself to one of the stores in our list here. It’s “addictive”, “Off the Hook!” (says the Park Slope Food Coop’s Cheese Buyer) and Alexandra M Jamieson says, “I’ve been eating this non-stop for 3 days. LOVE IT.” Find it in these stores —->

Oh Ship! For all your friends that are outside the city limits, we’ve got a web store rocking so we can ship our Faux Gras & Basilicotta to loved ones near and far. Orders arrive in a temperature controlled cooler and can delight people as far away as California where they are outlawing Foie Gras (Hurray!).

We hope to see you all soon at one of our vegan cooking classes, or any of our upcoming events. As always, please stay in touch with emails or comments on our facebook page. We value all of your feedback and thanks for reading along. Happy Eating!

With love, respect, and other nutrients,



Basilicotta Launches!

July 28th, 2012

Basilicotta Launches in 12 stores Citywide!

The word on the street is out: Basilicotta is a delicious treat and versatile to eat. What could be better than a lush vegan cheese made from nutritious cashews and aromatic Basil. With the feel of a creamy pesto mixed with goat cheese/ricotta but none of the dairy, Basilicotta delights those seeking rich vegan spreads, decadent dips, or those missing that essential ingredient in eggplant rollatini, pasta, veggie lasagna and as a topping for salads. Drop cold teaspoons of it in some bread crumbs and fry in olive oil for a treat you will tell your friends about.

Stay tuned for more recipes using this creamy sensation.Basilicotta.product






You can find Basilicotta, as well as our Faux Gras (AKA mock chopped liver) at the stores below, or visit our store locator:
BKLYN: Back to the Land, Park Slope Food Coop, Blue Apron Foods, Greene Grape Provisions, Perelandra, Brooklyn Victory Garden, Quechol, Natural Frontier on Courtelyou

MANHATTAN East Side Health, Commodities, Health & Harmony and Health Nuts on 64th st (2 ave).

Looking for some easy vegan recipes? We’ve added a delicious recipe using Basilicotta to the list!

Special Events with The Regal Vegan

January 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

Please join me for a very special cooking class this Saturday Jan 28 at Jivamukti Yoga in Union Square. I’ll be demonstrating 4 incredible vegan recipes using the very best of the season’s harvest. We’ll do more than just cook and eat, I’ll share with you some nutrition consulting with you, giving you amazing insight into the nutritional value of the ingredients we use, and some tips on how to reduce your sugar cravings just by making these healthy vegan recipes!

Go home with a great taste in your mouth, some new skills, and the complete kit of gourmet vegan recipes for my Roasted Winter Vegetable Salad, Hot Kale Caesar Salad, Russian Root Salad (aka Vinigret) and Celery Root and Apple Remoulade featuring an incredible Dill Caper dressing you’ll want to pour over everything.


Class starts at 3pm and you can register online at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/home.asp?studioid=698 under the SPECIAL EVENTS tab.
Oh Ship! For all your friends that are far away, we’ve got a web store rocking so we can ship our Faux Gras to loved ones near and far. Orders arrive in a temperature controlled cooler and can delight people as far away as California where they are outlawing Foie Gras (Hurray!).

Valentine’s Day: we’ll be at the only Vegan SHOP UP store in NYC.


Also, we’ll be at the Vegetarian Food Festival March 3&4th at the Altman Building in NYC. We are bringing new and exciting foods. We hope to see you all soon at one or all of our upcoming events. As always, please stay in touch with emails or comments on our facebook page. We value all of your feedback and thanks for reading along. Happy Eating!

With love, respect, and other nutrients,


Flea you, flea me

October 28th, 2011

Flea glorious Flea

I’m so happy to announce that we have staked permanent residency at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene. We’ve been selling our Faux Gras, of course, but also have broadened our horizons to include wine & garlic sauced Kale, Faux-filled Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, and coming soon – Kale chips. Let’s get our groove on together. Fabulous food will fill you up and leave you feeling – better. Flea runs Saturdays 10am-5pm, on the schoolyard on Lafayette btw. Clermont & Vanderbilt.

Mention your Favorite way to Faux Gras and you could win one of our sassy totes.

Urban Girl Squad Class was awesome – Fennel wins

March 15th, 2011

In fact, I just signed on to do a seasonal class with the squad. It was so great to cook and eat with all the gals who came to the “Beyond Salads: Preparing Mouth-watering Veggies” class. My favorite quips were – “Those are the best Brussels Sprouts I’ve ever had” and “I’ve never enjoyed Fennel before today.” Fennel, please don’t be upset. She loves you now. (Fennel is one of my all time faves).

Sweet Kaoru wrote, “i went to your beyond salads class last night with urban girl squad, and i had so much fun! thanks so much for the new recipes and introduction to new veggies (never had tasted fennel or parsnips before)and products (no gluten soy sauce and coconut oil). i’m far from being vegan or vegetarian, but its always nice to just add on to my repertoire of recipes. also can’t forget how good your faux gras is! ”

So, when are we all cooking again?

Thanks also to Amanda Hofman, the fabu organizer of the event and Leslie Shultz. You gals make it fun to work with you.

Much love,

February Update

February 15th, 2011

I had the best time at Williams Sonoma last Saturday. Teaching a quick little demo in how to use Collard Greens as wraps and then turn them into little Sushi-like rolls. So easy, and so many uses. We did a cashew cream and butternut squash filled roll with grated beets. But frankly, it got me thinking, we could have put just about anything in the pantry in there!

I asked some people what they would have put in there… my favorite answer was greens. yes. A greens filled wrap made of greens. She might be on to something!

In other news, one of my private clients that I cook for came back with wonderful news. It seems that her recent blood work showed a remarkable improvement in her albumin levels. Which means her nutrition is getting back on track and that her liver function is improving. Well if that isn’t music to a healthy chef’s ears, I don’t know what is.

Wishing you lots of love and warmth this season,

Oh labels

January 28th, 2011