Faux Gras Banh Mi

Holy Mack. We discovered a new taste sensation! Faux Gras Banh Mi Sanwiches are officially, the bomb. We got a vegan Banh Mi Sanwich from a place near the Holiday Market called Saigon. The bread was crusty. The carrots and daikon where tangy. The cilantro was refreshing –  but something was definitely missing. Back at the Regal Vegan pop-up show an idea spread over us. FAUX GRAS. Hello. In Vietnam, a traditional Banh Mi often includes nasty duck liver. Today, I think we officially bested the competition by spreading our vegan paté all over this sandwich. This was the most satisfying discovery of my day, other than the fact that construction has finished on our street.

I’ll be posting a recipe soon to show you how to make your very own.

With much love,