150ish says The Regal Vegan serves up luxury with a conscience

One taste of faux gras and the ingredients become unimportant. It is a rich, impossibly smooth blend of flavors that lingers nicely on the tongue. How something so healthy can taste so decadent is a tribute to Ella’s talent—the faux gras is full of protein and omega 3s, but naturally gluten- and dairy-free.”
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Treehugger knows it – we’re truly cruelty-free and we are not afraid to to say it.

The largest producer of foie gras in the U.S., Hudson Valley Foie Gras, has agreed to remove the word “humane” from its advertising and website. The decision is the result of a lawsuit filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and Ella Nemcova, founder of The Regal Vegan.”
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Daily Candy’s best of the week!

Join Well and Good NYC as they take a look into Regal Vegan founder, Ella’s fridge

NY Post calls us the cutting veg of food.

vegansaurus’s conclusion: Faux Gras rules!

…all of a sudden, you’re hooked! We ate the entire baguette with the Faux Gras in one sitting.”
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Tasting Table thinks we’re royally good!

We’re often underwhelmed by vegan products that try to pass themselves off as meat or dairy. But The Regal Vegan, run by Brooklyn-based Ella Nemcova, makes handcrafted savory spreads ($8 to $9 for 8 ounces) that pull off those feats deliciously.
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We’ve been examined by The Examiner – and they say delicious AND nutritious!!

Tired of hummus? Want a different savory, creamy spread to keep in your fridge or bring to your co-worker’s dinner party? Faux Gras from The Regal Vegan is the perfect treat…
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And we’ve been observed by The Observer

Serious Eats loves the Faux Gras sandwich at 61 local. Thanks Y’all!

What’s exciting about this is the “faux gras” atop the whole-grain toast. The smooth savory purée is made from the “livers” of lentils, walnuts, and miso, then gets topped with crisp scallions, red peppers, and mushrooms… it’s awesome.
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Serious Eats checks in with Regal Vegan founder, Ella Nemcova

While every successful small food company starts with a good product, that ends up being a very small part of the endeavor is the end. “Making something good is easy,” Nemcova says, “It’s about figuring out your passion and principles and sticking with them. If you still make money at the end of the day, then you have a business.”
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Veg News thinks you have to see us to believe us 🙂

The New York-based Regal Vegan has concocted Faux Gras, a walnut- and lentil-based substitute that is not only tastier, but also considerably healthier than its calorie-heavy counterpart.
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Leave it Better talks to Regal Vegan founder, Ella about why she started her business.

Kindness of Ravens is “psyched that The Regal Vegan—New-York-based purveyors of the über-awesome lentil-walnut based spread and vegan-friendly ‘foie gras,’ Faux Gras (get it?)—has just debuted a brand new product—Basilicotta”

Just as The Cultureist suspected – it’s killer

…when we arrived at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene this summer, we were immediately intrigued by one stand, which had a sign that read, ‘The Regal Vegan,” where a lovely red-headed vendor was serving up colorful concoctions of julienned zucchini and plump cherry tomatoes smothered in a fragrant, almost creamy, beautiful green dressing.
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Nona Brooklyn loves Faux Gras sammiches

I’m a big fan of the Veg Out toast. It’s got something called ‘Faux Gras,’ which is made by a woman named Ella Nemcova, who lives here in Brooklyn. It’s a really tasty lentil, miso and walnut puree, served on whole grain toast with sautéed mushrooms, red pepper, scallion and parsley.
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ALDF and Regal Vegan take Hudson Valley Foie Gras to task

Black Book is spending the whole summer on lines for foodie food.

La Nación

Regal Vegan in La Nación

Watch us get down and dirty, vegan-style, with The L Magazine:

In some Brooklyn neighborhoods, bodegas make up more than 80 percent of the available food options, especially where supermarkets are absent… and most bodegas still lack the basics. We called on Brooklyn personality Ella Nemcova, nutritional consultant, founder of vegan catering company The Regal Vegan, and maker of hit spread faux gras, to show us how to make something reasonably healthy under these limitations.”
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We would spoon-feed Gothamist any day of the week:

THE REGAL VEGAN makes hands down the best vegan treat we’ve ever had the pleasure of spooning furiously into our mouths: Faux Gras.”
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It’s love at

I love foie gras, and I love Faux Gras, too. Spread on crackers or toasts, Faux Gras makes a marvelous appetizer.”
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Gothamist goes vegan with Dun-Well Doughnuts:

Bed-Stuy restaurant Do or Dine outraged some with their Foie Gras Doughnuts recently, but if the deep-fried vegan Kool-Aid balls taught us anything, it’s that vegans can (and will) recreate any food trend. Enter: Dun Well Doughnuts, who are filling up their herbed dough with Faux Gras, for a less cruel version of the delicacy.”
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Oh yes, we are serious:

I wanted to take my nutrition knowledge and do something sexy with it…”
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The S File eats, loves and interviews:

What inspired Faux Gras? My family.”
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WHAT? Manhattan has a crush on Brooklyn-based us in MUG:

Brooklyn is Delicious: Faux Gras is one 56 bakers, ice cream churners, briners, roasters, brewers, distillers, and chocolatiers who are making it that way.”
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Epicurious calls us their treat of the week! That is a treat:

You had me at pâté of toasted walnuts and lentils. Totally worth the splurge.”
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Awesome review from VegNews Magazine:

Chef Ella Nemcova of The Regal Vegan outdid herself, winning the hearts and stomachs of even rabid meat-eaters. One guest remarked, “I am an avid carnivore, and that was an amazing meal.”
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Mention in Wine Spectator – what does one pair with Faux Gras?:

New York vegan-friendly restaurants and purveyors catered the event, including… the Regal Vegan. Now we finally know what to pair with Faux Gras and Tofurkey.”
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The Discerning Brute was discerning about it:

…Ella Nemcova (of The Regal Vegan)‘s incredible menu, featuring six courses of sophisticated flavors and textures…The Pistachio and Bing-Cherry crusted Faux Gras truffles over micro-greens blew my mind.”
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Our Hen House interviews the Regal Vegan. Hello darlings:

My mission became to make vegan food not only more accessible, but ridiculously delicious. Honor people and their palates.”
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A podcast review on Our Hen House

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPERVEGAN:

…thrilled to see they were selling Faux Gras, a ‘deliciously decadent, ridiculously healthy, mousse-like, creamy spread that makes toast, crackers and crudités proud,’ which is produced by Brooklyn-based The Regal Vegan”
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The Glamazons from Girle Girl Army are obsessed:

FAUX GRAS by The Regal Vegan is so divine, we just polished off an entire container of it for lunch”
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Celeb Health Coach Alex Jamieson says BRING IT ON:

Faux Gras is a delicious vegan version of the infamous meaty spread made from animal products. Low fat, low sodium and hearty, I highly recommend that you try this product yourself.”
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Integrative Nutrition says tastes like success!

Edible Hudson Valley editor at posts about our tasty tasty Faux Gras:

…just like the real thing – buttery, creamy, and indulgent.”
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Sweet & healthy living expert Amanda Goldfarb interviews us:

Let me repeat: Faux Gras is amazing. I never liked the original stuff (who needs all that fat and cholesterol) and the thought of eating liver kinda skeeves me out. Faux Gras is smooth, creamy, tasty, and best of all, healthy”
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The Q-note interview – what’s not to love?:

Foie Gras even a vegan could love. Ella Nemcova’s vegan version of the delicacy, mousse-like Faux Gras, appeals regardless of one’s foodie predilections – or politics.”
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Chef Fancy Pans eats it:

I recently shared some Faux Gras with my sons and their friends. I view them as the most challenging of critics. The greatest testament of their approval was the quickly-vanishing bowl and the licking of fingers!”
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Health Coach Amy Nelms blogs about it:

Faux Gras is made with walnuts, onions and lentils, packed with omega 3′s, a great source of dietary fiber and low in cholesterol. Plus it’s 100% vegan, gluten free and has maybe the most awesome pun name in vegan history.”
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