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Gourmet vegan dips and spreads for a decadent superfood experience.

We’re delighted to introduce you to our newest vegan terrine  Basilicotta™. This super versatile spread will delight you as a dip and wow you as an ingredient. Perfect as a brushchetta topping under the veggie of your choice (we like roasted tomatoes) or as a sauce for pasta (just reserve a cup of the cooking water from a pound of pasta and whisk the Basilicotta with it. Toss the pasta back in.) Roll balls of Basilicotta™ in bread crumbs and fry or bake for a fried goat-cheese esque experience. Fill jalapenos, top bagels, top tomatoes just about anything you might do with cream cheese you can do with with this delicious vegetarian terrine-and it’s totally dairy free. Enjoy.

Since 2009, Faux Gras™ terrine has been delighting customers all over NYC. It strikes the perfect balance between deliciously addictive and truly, truly good for you. Made with all natural, whole food ingredients like lentils, walnuts and caramelized onions, this vegan paté is not just making waves, it’s making people’s palates come alive again. Our nut terrine Faux Gras™ is perfect for breakfast on a slice of warm toast or as a vegetarian component for the appetizer spread. Try it as lunchtime sandwich with cucumbers and avocados, or with crackers and crudité. Many customers report having eaten the whole tub in one sitting. No problem! The whole container of terrine has only 420 calories, lots of fiber, protein and the good kind of fat found in walnuts. You’re off the hook.

Created by a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef, Faux Gras™ and Basilicotta™ are delightful dips, spreads and appetizers meant to give people with a sophisitcated palate a treat that isn’t harmful. To anyone. We insist on using non-GMO whole food ingredients, sea salt or Himalayan salt, mirin without any added sugar, and organic, fermented, traditionally made soy products companies with kind practices.

Faux Gras™ and Basilicotta™ are made fresh every week in our facility in Brooklyn, NY. We manufacture in small batches, to guarantee the quality and freshness we demand ourselves. Our spreads lasts a mere two weeks from the date of manufacture – this is because we don’t use artificial chemicals to preserve our product, and never will. Please note: natural food is supposed to go bad. If it sits too long on a shelf and still survives, it is because its not natural. If you find your paté is past its “most delicious by” date stamped on top, please return it to your local store and get a credit towards your next purchase.

To get Faux Gras™ and Basilicotta™  into a store near you please make a request of them or email us with their info. For wholesale orders drop us a line.

YES! We can ship to you in temperature controlled coolers.

You can purchase as few as four of one or two of each to be shipped. In the heat of summer, shipping costs are heightened. Please check our shop page for a price quote to your location.

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Every party is made better when you bring the vegan love to the table. Be the one to bring the Faux Gras, Basilicotta and Superfood Pesto. You’re a hero.


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“I wanted to let you know that we thought it was delicious.  You have a great product.  I think you aren't doing mail order at this time?  If you have a mailing list, please add me to it, and perhaps in the future you will be available in California or by mail order.  Thanks again. 

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