Corporate Workshops

(see past workshops)
– how to eat healthy
– kicking the sugar habit
– secrets of a plant-based diet
– healthy cooking classes

For restaurants

– Veganize your menu
– adding vegan options to your menu
– adding healthier options to your menu
– menu development


– holistic health coaching
– the ellavation cleanse
– personal cheffing – diet/need specific
– catering
– kitchen pantry overhaul
– grocery store coaching
– cooking classes
– homemade, organic vegan baby food

The Latest:


Bring it 

Every party is made better when you bring the vegan love to the table. Be the one to bring the Faux Gras, Basilicotta and Superfood Pesto. You’re a hero.


What People Say:

“We're psyched that The Regal Vegan—New-York-based purveyors of the über-awesome lentil-walnut based spread and vegan-friendly 'foie gras,' Faux Gras (get it?)—has just debuted a brand new product—Basilicotta—which is, as you might have guessed, a ricotta-like basil cashew spread 'designed to blow your mind.'” - Kindness of Ravens

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