Urban Girl Squad Class was awesome – Fennel wins

In fact, I just signed on to do a seasonal class with the squad. It was so great to cook and eat with all the gals who came to the “Beyond Salads: Preparing Mouth-watering Veggies” class. My favorite quips were – “Those are the best Brussels Sprouts I’ve ever had” and “I’ve never enjoyed Fennel before today.” Fennel, please don’t be upset. She loves you now. (Fennel is one of my all time faves).

Sweet Kaoru wrote, “i went to your beyond salads class last night with urban girl squad, and i had so much fun! thanks so much for the new recipes and introduction to new veggies (never had tasted fennel or parsnips before)and products (no gluten soy sauce and coconut oil). i’m far from being vegan or vegetarian, but its always nice to just add on to my repertoire of recipes. also can’t forget how good your faux gras is! ”

So, when are we all cooking again?

Thanks also to Amanda Hofman, the fabu organizer of the event and Leslie Shultz. You gals make it fun to work with you.

Much love,